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Period Length Reminders

Please remind the volunteer or employee running your game clocks about the following NWHL clock rules for league games. They are NOT to be altered for any reason.


Gold Mites, Squirts, Peewee, Bantam: 11 minute periods. 1:30 penalties

Midget period length increase proposal: All clubs have responded.  There was concern over the attempt to do this for the current season given the the ice schedules.  For this reason, the extended times will be allowed, but it is governed by the home team.  In other words, it is game to game and if the home team wants to have the extended periods and the visiting team accepts, the NWHL will endorse it.

If a game is played with extended periods then both teams must be cognizant of the game time versus the ice slot time.  If the game time becomes equal to the ice time then the game is to go to running time.

Midget period length options:

11 minutes with 1:30 penalties or 1.5/4/8


13 minutes with 2:00 penalties or 2/5/10



Next Meeting

January 5, 2016


Regular Season Scheduling Meeting

Time and location TBA