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Website Schedule


Due to continued issues with Sport nginn we will be utilizing a separate site for schedule and scores,                                                               

There are mobile apps to support as well -                                                                                         
Google Play:                                                        
If players key word search “nwhsl” on the GOM website or mobile app, they’ll have access to NWHSL pertinent information.

Report Scores to

We apologize for the inconvenience of this issue and are working towards a more comprehensive solution.

Jack Wood, NWHL Vice-President (


Schedule Error - Updated

There was an error in the tournament schedule for Peewee Division 2.  Modifications were made to Peewee Division 1, Peewee Division 2, and Peewee Division 3.  These are highlighted in light blue.

Thank you for you patience.

Jack Wood - NWHL Vice President

NWHL Regular Season Mini-Banners

We had received notice from our vendor that the manufacturer of the mini-banners has resumed printing and shipping mini-banners that were ordered.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Welcome to the Northwest Hockey League Website!

Thank you for your patience in helping us create a more up-to-date site for our league.