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Championship Games - Sunday June 12

NWHSL Tournament Finals

NWHSL Tournament Finals


Chicago Wolves Calder Cup Playoff Ticket Offer

The Chicago Wolves are continuing in their playoff run to the Calder Cup.  They would like to invite your teams to come out and cheer them on.  Use code YHCALDER to receive discounted tickets up to 35% of regular ticket price.  

Link to TicketMaster -

Flyer - Click on link below


NWHL Playing Times

Each team is allowed 1 time out

Period Length


  • 11 minute periods
  • 1 1/2 minute minor penalties
  • 8 minute misconduct

Bantam - Midgets

  • 13 minute periods
  • 2 minute minor penalties
  • 10 minute misconduct



NWHL 2022 Tournament Championship Videos

For those that participated in the 2022 NWHL Tournament Championship, videos are available from Grabowski Video.  Here is a link for a sample:

Below is an order form.



NWHL 2022 Tournament Finals

NWHL 2022 Tournament Finals with Scores

NWHL 2021-2022 Regular Season Division Winners

NWHL 2021-2022 Regular Season Division Winners

Linking Managers/Coaches to teams for score entry

Managers/Coaches have been to teams.

We have linked the coaches and managers that are members of NWHL.  Those that are not members have received emails that they could not be linked at this time.



Facility COVID Rules

As a reminder, teams will abide by rules set in place by playing facilities.  If you have questions regarding those requirements it is best to contact the facility directly for their rules.





ALL players 17 years of age or older on or before December 31st MUST take SafeSport

In order to comply with federal law (S.534 - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017) any player that will turn 17 on or before 12/31 needs to complete the 

The SafeSport Program is free and must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activity (on or off ice).  NO player will be rostered until these requirements are met.


Linking Managers/Coaches to teams for score entry

We have linked managers and coaches to teams. 

As a reminder you are NOT to update your teams schedule, add games or practices.

An email has gone out regarding those that have not joined SportsEngine and become members of - they can not be joined to their designated teams.

If you can not enter your score and you did not receive an email to join SE and please email






Balanced Ice Time - We Have a Right to Play

The NWHL is working on an awareness program for our "Balanced Ice Time" (BIT) policy.  Over the years the NWHL's efforts have been concentrated on educating our member clubs and coaches on our BIT policy.  This year we are working towards a greater awareness of our league policy by reaching out to the parents, and the hockey community at large. 

We are undertaking this effort is to help instill in each player that in the NWHL they have a right to play and have equitable game playing time.

Below is a letter that we will be asking our member clubs to distribute to all families registered in NWHL.










Weather Conditions

In the event of a significant weather event it is up to the teams involved to use their best judgment as to whether it is necessary to reschedule a game.

The NWHL will not asses a fine for games rescheduled due to weather. All reshedule games must go through the NWHL Game Change process.  Failure to do so WILL result in a fine.

ALL games will need to be made up.  Failure to complete all games may result in the team(s) being suspended from play for the NWHL Tournament. 

Remember we do live in Chicago, and winter will last throughout the season.  Cancelling a game is betting that the weather will not be as bad next time around.  Ice availability is scarce; DO NOT cancel a game if you do not have the ability to make it up.  You may be cancelling a Sunday morning game that has bad weather and light traffic only to have to play a Tuesday night game and traffic is at a stand still AND the weather stinks.

In the event that a game is cancelled the home team should also be sure to contact the referees, or referee scheduler to notify them.  Also notify your NWHL Rep regarding the cancellation and re-scheduling.


All Managers identified by their club and that have a valid Sportsengine account as a member of have the ability to enter their scores.

If you are unable to load your score please send your score to Rebecca at The following information is needed to post scores.

Level (Bantam, Midget, Peewee, Squirt, gold Mite)


Home Team (name and #/color) score

Away Team (name and #/color) score

Date and time of game



Referee Shortage

We have been contacted by AHAI regarding a referee shortage.

We have contacted representatives for 3 games that we know do not have referees.

"We currently have 369 official’s incomplete…..meaning they have not completed their USA Hockey Requirements as of today and they cannot request and or work any games."

"Additionally, we have over 300 that quit and are not returning from last year."

"Any games with one official already assigned will go as scheduled. If you feel one official will not suffice needs to be cancelled, let us know asap."



NWHL Managers & Coaches

All managers and coaches that were provided to NWHL by your club have been linked so that they can update scores for their games.

NOTE: For an email to be linked they MUST request to be a member of when you join or login to SportNgin.

We will be sending out lists to the clubs for those that we were not able to link the given email to the teams.

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